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Forge is Functional Training.

Our definition of functional training is "training that allows you to better function in your day-to-day life." Therefore, functional training is by definition not just one method of training, but the method best suited to work for YOU.

No one's "day-to-day life" is the same and neither should your training routine! Whether you are a new mother looking to carry your newborn without fatigue, newly retired and wanting to have more strength to move like when you were younger, a police officer on daily patrol, or a professional athlete competing on the world stage, we will customize your training to fit you.

1. Choose your trainer

Our trainers are recognized as the best that Victoria has to offer!

2. Choose your training service

3. Choose your training program(s)

Choose a program or combination of training styles to help you reach your goals.

4. Contact us and book a session!

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