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I have trained with Locky for the past three years and have nothing but the best to say about him.

Working with Locky at Forge has changed my life is so many positive ways. I am fitter, more energetic, and healthier than I have ever been. My chronic neck and back pains are gone and I am stronger than ever.

Locky is an extremely skilled and professional trainer. He takes a consistent, thoughtful, and careful approach with his clients. He is a stickler for proper technique and training principles. His friendly yet demanding approach is the perfect motivator.

I have seen Locky train men and women of all ages and all body types. He is accepting and tailors his approach to each client whether they are a novice or an elite athlete.

As a physician, I appreciate the care he takes in injury prevention while developing truly functional strength. This results in improvement in his client's daily lives by increasing their physical abilities. I have witnessed this in his clients with health issues such as chronic pain, stroke, and Parkinson's disease. For me, it means that at 45 I can do things like complete the Tuff Mudder and keep up with my teenage children when we go trekking, hit the slopes, or mountain bike trails!

The Atmosphere at Forge is fun, clean, inviting, and professional. The inspiring layout and environment is nothing like a "regular gym" and makes coming to the gym something I look forward to.

Working with Locky has transformed my health and enriched my life in many ways. He is an amazing trainer and friend.

I am sure he will do the same for you!

Christopher Morrow, B.Sc. M.D.

Clean, bright beautiful space. All the staff have been exceedingly friendly and welcoming every time I show up for a session. Hal is king, highly recommended.

Laura Thomlinson, BScN

I cannot say enough about the depth of knowledge, and professionalism the trainers possess at Forge Fitness. As an RMT, it was important to me that my trainer had an in depth understanding of functional exercises, and anatomical synergy. I left feeling informed, excited, and most importantly feeling one heck of a workout. Thanks Forge.

Matthew Kaiser, RMT
Owner of Metro Massage

I approached Hal Kreisel for personal training with weight loss as a primary health goal and, out of interest, to develop kickboxing skills. I quickly learned I was going to get a lot more from Hal than someone to hold pads and coach me on kickboxing techniques.

After interviewing me, Hal refined my goals to include body composition targets, strength targets, and athleticism targets. He also educated me on diet and nutrition, and we developed targets for that too. I was pleasantly surprised at the knowledge and detailed planning that went into developing my own customized training program. I was also impressed how Hal focused on achievable goals and habit building that would lead to sustainable lifestyle improvements.

As a trainer Hal is engaged 110% every day, and it is easy to feed off his tremendous energy and positive outlook. I feel like I am learning something different every session and the training never gets stale. It is always challenging, fun, and leaves me feeling great!

Hal has been training me for 14 months, during which time I have lost 47 pounds, painlessly but radically changed my diet and nutrition habits, and have reset my goals three times because I keep achieving them.

I am fitter and healthier now than I expected was achievable. Chronic pains I had simply learned to live with have vanished. I feel great, all the time. And I look forward to every training session!

I believe Hal brings a special combination of experience, skill, knowledge, passion and talent to his personal training that few can match. Hal offers a safe, targeted, and effective personal training service that I am enthusiastic to recommend!

Grant Brager
Managing Partner / Director of Client Services & Solutions Strategic Functions Ltd

As a "woman of a certain age," I had stopped working out. I assumed that was life... at some point you simply were too old. When I met Hal, I was 20 pounds heavier than I wanted to be, and my former muscles were mush. Hal changed my whole way of thinking. He helped me realize that getting older doesn't necessarily mean you have to stop doing anything. I lost the 20 pounds I wanted to lose in just a few months once I started training with Hal. I enjoy kickboxing, and he is extremely skilled at holding the pads. He's the best I've ever seen at paying attention during a training session together, and judging perfectly what you can handle. No matter what your fitness, or energy level is, he pushes you to do just a little bit more than what you think you can do. He changed my life by making me realize it was my brain holding me back, and not my body.

Leslie Cagley

The staff at Forge are patient yet are able to push me to improve myself. The personalized training keeps me fit for my job and is very rewarding. The atmosphere is comfortable and I always feel welcome so I would recommend Forge for anyone looking for an enjoyable and effective place to stay in shape.

Brad Engbrecht

Tina and the team at Forge are knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and great teachers. Even on days when I feel like I don't have it in me, Tina pushes me to my max, but ensures that I keep proper form and don't over do it or injure myself. The gym is inviting, fun, and a great place to build confidence and learn how to maintain fitness and health. The team at Forge have a comprehensive background in cardio exercises, weight lifting, nutrition, and kinesiology that make you excited to come back for more. The one on one training feels safe for beginners, and challenging for experienced athletes!

Mark Adamson

I decided to start training because I could feel my physical and mental health faltering. I knew increasing my physical activity was the key, but I couldn't get motivated on my own and had heard great things about Katie. Since starting with Katie, I am more aware of my body, and what it takes to maintain an "optimal me." It also makes poor nutritional decisions feel like they cost more. I understand the work it takes to be strong, and don't want to sabotage my time, efforts and money by eating junk. The best difference for me is feeling like I have control of my body & mind, and that if I feel down, a workout is usually enough to bring me back up again. Katie knows when to push me and knows when to stop to work out a muscle or pain. Our sessions are 1/3 therapy, 2/3 fitness. It's a huge release at the end of the day, and totally empowering. Sorry for my many over-shares Katie! And thank you. I am about to turn 35 and I know it will never be easier than it is today to feel healthy and confident. Forge is fun & supportive, challenging but not intimidating. If you are interested in training, think of it as a form of preventative medicine. Looking better is a side effect! If money is a consideration, semi-private training is a great way to compliment private sessions. Once you start taking care of this part of your life, it gets easier to take care of the other parts!

Emily Hull



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