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Why Hire a Trainer?

  1. An investment in your health and future: Hiring a trainer is all about taking a proactive approach to your health. Why pay later on in life, with your time and money, to fix problems that could have been solved now, or to proactively prevent them from happening at all?

    "If you don't make time for exercise, you'll probably have to make time for Illness" - Robin Sharma
  2. Accountability: One of the hardest things about going to the gym... is going to the gym. Many of us (trainers too!) need accountability to make it to our sessions, and having a set appointment forces us to rise to the challenge! A trainer can also be an inspiration help you stay accountable to your goals outside of the gym.
  3. Form, Technique, and Safety: One of the most challenging elements about training at the gym is knowing the proper technique to exercise safely and effectively. Even the most complicated and "dangerous" gym movements can be performed safely and with confidence under the watchful eye of an experienced trainer. Having someone to dynamically teach and correct movements will lead to better training and results.
  4. Motivation: What better way to feel inspired and motivated to train then to have a personal coach to help you push through the tough parts of a workout? Having an experienced coach along side can also help keep you focused on your long-term goals when motivation wanes.
  5. Peace of mind: Ever go to the gym without a plan? Do you find yourself jumping from program to program in search of a "magic bullet" or simply because you are unsure of the best way to train. Leave the planning to us. Not having to worry about specific programming details can not only be relieving, but an experienced trainer will pinpoint the areas that you may have overlooked - or maybe even avoiding.
  6. Education: Our goal as trainers is to better equip you with being able to take care of yourself outside of our time together. After working with a trainer, your knowledge of the body, and how to strengthen, stretch and mobilize your muscles and joints will allow you live a better life.

    "All human beings should have the ability to perform basic maintenance on themselves" - Kelly Starrett
  7. Challenge: Sometimes the reason that we can't progress in our training is because we are simply not challenging our limits enough in the gym, and maybe staying in our comfort zone in life. Trainers can show you what you are capable of doing - probably more than you ever imagined!
  8. Diversity: Stagnation and boredom can make working out at the gym more of a chore than a meaningful endeavor. Trainers can make every workout fun and exciting.
  9. Expedite your results: Working with a trainer will help you achieve the results you want faster, as we'll show you the best ways to get the most out of your workouts.
  10. Fun: We truly believe that training doesn't have to be a means to an end; rather it can be a fun activity that can be enjoyed for the sake of it! Learn to love the process, and the results will follow!



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